Patient Questionnaires & Reported Outcome Measures (PROM)

Patient-reported outcomes are essential to understanding whether health care services and procedures make a difference to patients’ health status and quality of life. Understanding the effectiveness of healthcare from the patient’s perspective is imperative to provide a patient-centred approach to care. Patient-reported outcome measures (PROM) are increasingly recognized as valuable and essential information for achieving health system goals particularly in the era of bundled payment. For example, CMS will link payment of hip and knee Joint replacement to quality and patient satisfaction measures in addition to cost.

Patients questionnaires are essential to collect valuable information from new patients including patient comorbidities, operative history, known allergies, medication list and other information.  ConEHR™ gets all relevant health information of new patients prior to seeing their physicians. This health information is NOT an image, it is discrete data that instantly calculate comorbidity indices like Charlson and Elixhauser Scores.

ConEHR™ provides new platform of designing and collecting patients questionnaires and PROM:

  1. ConEHR™ includes tens of well known PROM of quality of life, functional assessment of specific body systems, pain quantification, etc. The use of many of these PROM is subject to licensing.
  2. ConEHR™ has Questionnaire Designer to instantly develop and publish health questionnaires. The newly developed questionnaires are instantly published on Windows, Android, iOS devices.
  3. User defined follow-up protocols
  4. Patients compliance monitoring that includes automatic patient communication.