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ConEHR Ortho™ Ottawa Hospital CQI Project.

After a thorough evaluation of all available systems on the market, The Ottawa Hospital chose Consensus Medical Systems to develop the first Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) program for their entire orthopaedic surgery department  [RFP no. TOH-2016-051].

The CQI project encompasses several objectives including capturing the discrete data of orthopaedic patients including presentation, patient reported outcome measures, operative details, implants, and postoperative longitudinal follow-up. The project mandates providing instant analysis of several parameters such as wait time, implant types, comorbidities and comorbidity scores, complications, adverse events, and Patients Reported Outcome Measures (PRMs) of all captured variables.  The project includes automatic patient compliance monitoring with user defined consultation prerequisites and follow-up protocols, patient communication systems, and monitoring of incomplete data.  The overall goal of the CQI project is to continuously improve the quality of care of orthopaedic patients using the best available technology.

The CQI project includes the following orthopaedic clinical practice units:

1.       Foot & Ankle

2.       Spine Surgery

3.       Hip & Knee Preservation

4.       Arthroplasty

5.       Musculoskeletal Oncology

6.       Upper Extremity

7.       Hand Surgery

8.       Trauma

The project was successfully deployed starting with the Foot & Ankle CPU in October of 2017 with HL7 interface with TOH EMR systems. The deployment of the all clinical practice units is scheduled to be completed in the 2nd quarter of 2018.


Stanford Expands Deployment of VascuPro™

Stanford Health Care selected VascuPro™ for its new home at Emeryville in 2016. After successful deployment of VascuPro™,  Stanford Health Care is expanding VascuPro™ to three more locations, including Main University Hospital in Palo Alto, California.

The greatest testament of our clients’ satisfaction with our products and services is their decision to expand our software deployment to additional sites after their initial experience. Enterprise robustness, complete acquisition of study measurements, seamless integration with multiple EMR/PACS/RIS systems, and highly responsive support services are all key factors that differentiate VascuPro™ and Consensus support services from any other available system on the market.


Medstar Deploys VascuPro™ To More Locations

Medstar Health has been using VascuPro™ in Washington Hospital Medical Center for 10 years. Medstar just expanded the deployment of VascuPro™ to four additional hospitals including Georgetown University Hospital, Good Samaritan Hospital, Union Memorial Hospital and Franklin Square Medical Center. Currently, twelve (12) Medstar Health Hospitals are using VascuPro as their vascular lab reporting software.